Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding Kamloops British Columbia Canada Someday Retrievers in Kamloops BC offers a state of the art pet boarding kennel facility. Our pet boarding kennel offers boarding for CATS and ALL BREEDS of dogs on our beautiful 38 acre farm in Cherry Creek, Kamloops, BC. Our New Pet Boarding Kennel Facility offers music to sooth your animal, and air conditioning in the summer. You can feel assured that your dogs and cats are going to be well taken care of while at Someday Retrievers Pet Boarding Kennel. Each animal receives the attention and quality of care they need and deserve while staying at Someday Retrievers Kennel and Training Facility in Kamloops. Daily exercise off-leash play time with or without other dogs, in our safe completely enclosed large play area. We have certified dog trainers in Obedience Dog Training and Gun Dog Training, and offer full time professional training while boarding with us. With 38 acres in a country environment, tons outdoor play space, and kennel spaces for dogs of all levels of socialization, we are the first choice for your pets needs. If you have a dog that is aggressive with other dogs or not neutered, call us as we offer boarding at an additional cost.

Hours of Operation


8 AM - Noon


6:00PM - 7:30PM


By Appointment

You will be charged for the day you drop off regardless of the time. You are not charged for the day you pick up, provided pick up is before 9:00 AM.

Dog Boarding Kennel Services

  • Top of the Line Mason Stainless Steel Dog Runs
  • Pet Kennels Heated for Cooler Months
  • Pet Kennels Air Conditioned for Warmer Months
  • 26 Dog Runs
  • Dog Grooming can be booked for day of departure
  • Daily exercise for your dog, off-leash play time
  • Full Dog Training Facility for an additional fee

State of the Art Dog Boarding Facility

Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding Kamloops British Columbia Canada Someday Retrievers in Kamloops BC has installed brand new state of the art cell phone compatible webcams and new fire detectors! Our clients are now able to watch their dog LIVE while they are staying with us for boarding. You have 24hr access, night vision, and you can even zoom in! You can check in on your furry family member day and night, whenever your heart desires. It's as easy as adding an app to your phone! We have spared no expense when it comes to safety. Our cell phone smart fire detectors not only detect early smoke, but also heat variations, sending the staff instant text messages for the earliest detection of possible trouble. Not only do we receive instant text messaging notifying us about the possible problem but it also instantly give us access to ALL the webcams throughout the facility. With the owner living on site, and gated entryway to the facility itself, you can be rest assured that your dogs are in the best care at our professional boarding facility.(limited space, and additional fees apply)

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What to Bring

  • All pet boarders, dog or cats, upon arrival must have documents to show kennel cough vaccination and up to date booster shots. We cannot board your dog or cat without proof of vaccinations.
  • We require all pets from the coast to be on a flea preventative program from April to October.
  • We now have 26 dog kennels and 8 cat condos in our new facility. All pet boarding bookings must be booked in advance and require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit.
  • We request that you supply your own dog’s food. A change of food can cause loose stool. Dog Beds are also welcome.
  • Do not bring blankets for the dogs when boarding, we have loungers.
  • Our large exercise/play room is equipped with lots of toys. Our pet kennel is fully heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.

Our Rates

  • $35/night per dog, 2 Dogs Sharing a kennel get 20% off
  • $20/night per cat, 2 Cats Sharing a kennel get 20% off
  • For all first time NEW clients, we offer a one day daycare introduction, meet and greet at no charge.
  • Special rates for three weeks or longer, please call for quote.
  • Proof of vaccination and kennel cough vaccine will be required.