Someday Retrievers in Kamloops British Columbia Canada offers dog pool time for all our boarding and in house training clients. This service is offered for those that love the water. For those not sure, no problem. Our Dog Handlers takes each dog that has booked pool time on a daily swim. They are first introduced to the water by walking in off the ramp. Toys are used to encourage each dog to walk or jump in. For those a little on the nervous side, Dog Handler will walk in, swim along side and help guide them. We use a positive attitude and gentle approach. It does not take long for the dogs to find the ramp, become confident and before you know it they are jumping in on their own. This pool is excellent for teaching dogs how to retrieve in water, lay on paddle boards, relax while on a boat or physiotherapy for over weight or those ailing from sore aching muscles. For those more advanced water dogs they learn how to launch themselves off the dock. Throwing a toy into the water gets them quite airborne.


  • PRICE: $10 PER DAY
  • Give us a call 250 371-1218
  • OPEN June 1 - SEPTEMBER 10

Obedience Services

  • Flat buckle collar. No choke chains, prong/pinch collars or e-collars on dock.
  • Floatable toy (cannot be alive or alive at one time)
  • A positive attitude and gentle approach
  • Dog Handlers are in the water to teach your dog to swim