Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do! We have secluded areas for dog aggressive dogs both indoor and outdoor locations so that your dog can enjoy his stay with us in a secluded, safe, stress free environment.
  • All pet boarders, dog or cats, upon arrival must have documents to show kennel cough vaccination and up to date booster shots. We cannot board your dog or cat without proof of vaccinations.
  • We require all pets from the coast to be on a flea preventative program from April to October.
  • We now have 26 dog kennels and 8 cat condos in our new facility. All pet boarding bookings must be booked in advance and require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit.
  • We request that you supply your own dog’s food. A change of food can cause loose stool. Dog Beds are also welcome.
  • Our large exercise/play room is equipped with lots of toys. Our pet kennel is fully heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer with a swimming pool for those who like to get wet.
We have indoor cat condos for your cats to enjoy their stay in a secluded area away from the dogs!
Our dog pool is open to both boarding and training dogs to use during their visit with us. As well as you can come and swim your dogs yourself during our swim times.
Absolutely! Please contact us and we can set this up for you. With certified trainers on site, we can easily help you with any of your training needs while your away on holiday.
They sure can ! We have X-large, large and medium sized kennels to accommodate multi dog families.
We have two large secluded areas for dogs requiring their own private space.
We absolutely do, and can easily accommodate any special care they may need, and also offer special training for these types of dogs.