Someday Retrievers in Kamloops BC is only five hours from Vancouver BC and offers resident gun dog training. To get a good start on your dog, it is recommended to start your dogs training at the age of six months. For best results, we ask that you leave your gun dog for at least 2-3 months. At two months of training, your dog will be force broke, obedience trained to come-in, heel and deliver to hand. Each trained dog goes home introduced to gunshots and completing single retrieves. They will respond well to the come-in whistle and with a strong understanding of the command, hold, fetch, drop and leave it. Ducks, pigeons, chuckars and pheasants are used in our gun dog training program, along with the Bumper Buoy launchers. Teaching these young dogs to quarter in the field for those who hunt upland is also included if requested. At three months of gun dog training, your dog will have all of the above described training, and the dog should be well started on doing double retrieves and be introduced to the whistle sit command. To get your dog nice and steady we use live birds when in season or our Bango launchers. This equipment is designed to develop hunting dogs by simulating a flying bird and a gun shot. Great for teaching long retrieving, marking, gunshot conditioning, looking in the sky for birds, flushing, sit to flush, steadiness, and developing desire. A remote controlled manual launcher simulates real hunting by projecting a special synthetic birds designed to stand up to real shotgun blast.

Training Rates

Gun dog training is $45.00 a day. Minimum 1 month. We do not offer Gun Dog training in July or August due to the hot temperatures.

Obedience Services

  • Obedience Training
  • Force Breaking
  • Single or Multiple Retrieves
  • Whistle Sit Commands