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Dog Flu Symptoms

The dog flu has been in the media recently, thanks to increased reports of outbreaks and new strains. While most cases of dog flu are not fatal, the canine influenza virus can make your dog uncomfortably sick, causing him—and you—a lot of stress and time spent at the vet’s office. If you are a dog owner, you don’t need to panic about the dog flu. You should, however, familiarize yourself with the symptoms of dog flu so that you know what to look for in the event of an outbreak in your area. More Info


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Annual Dog Obedience Seminar

Date: April 30th/2016

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm (A short lunch break will be provided)

Location: Someday Retrievers, 5657 Beaton Rd, Kamloops, BC

To attend this Free dog obedience seminar you MUST register. To register please email us with the following information: Your Full Name, Phone Number, Dog(s) Name/Breed/Age, Behavioural or training issues you would like help with.
What you need to bring: Lawn Chair and a Lunch
Conditions: No Children under the age of 12 years old, No human aggressive dogs, One dog per owner (if you have 2 dogs, you must have a second person to work the second dog), sign up fast! Contact Us

Womans Out Door World - Linda Cline

Linda Featured in Womans Outdoor World Magazine

It’s a sunny fall morning, and there is a slight breeze that drives a chill down my spine. The fields are calm but just up ahead I can see a hawk hovering. The pheasants have been released and just up ahead a rooster is checking things out. The dogs are now unloaded and ready for their big day. Jeepers is barking in the truck for fear he will be left behind. I for one fully understand how that dog is feeling because the same adrenalin rush is within me. View Here

Othmar Vohringer Outdoors Communications

Someday Retrievers Reviewed by Othmar Vohringer Outdoor Communications

When you drive along Douglas Lake road through the rolling hills in the southern interior of British Columbia toward “Twigg’s Place” you are probably expecting to see some whitetail and mule deer; black bears for sure. But pheasants? Read the rest of the article here: View Here

Kamloops Daily News Article Someday Retrievers

Someday Retrievers article Kamloops Daily News

Great article written in the Kamloops Daily News about Linda Cline: View Here

Tour Someday Retrievers Pet Boarding Kennel in Kamloops BC

Someday Retrievers is located in Kamloops, BC on 38 acres. We offer professional dog training, dog boarding, cat boarding, a dog swimming pool, state of the art kennel equipment, and a grooming salon that is available for our guests only! We are the #1 choice for dog training and pet boarding in Kamloops British Columbia. Give us a call so your pet can have a holiday at Someday Retrievers, while you are on holidays!