Someday Retrievers Obedience Training in the Ring

Someday Retrievers in Kamloops offers a unique resident training camp where we do all the obedience training for you, then teach you how to follow through to maintain it. We have huge interest in this option, as many people have very busy lifestyles. Your dog stays at our first class Dog Training Academy, where our certified dog trainers work with your dogs on a daily basis. For those out of town, we have a fully furnished suit that allows you to be on site for more hands on training. Training dogs is a real talent and takes lots of patience. The dog feels the connection with us before long when in our company. It doesn't get much better than having an obedient, well behaved dog at your side in your home. Your dog should be a real joy, not a burden. We offer "Follow Up" dog training sessions to ensure you and your dog are working together as a team, and you are able to do what we can do. Only 4 hours away from lower mainland, we train many dogs from Alberta, throughout BC and the USA. We offer pick up services to our facility within a 4 hour radius to the Vancouver area.


We also offer PRIVATE obedience dog training classes with you and your dog. If you have no time, not sure how to train your dog, or at your wits end or thinking of getting rid of your dog, our certified dog trainer can help solve your problem. FREE assessments just a phone call away.

Training Rates

Resident training - Average stay one week to a month. Going on a holiday? Ideal time to leave your furry family member. $45.00 - $50.00 a day

Private classes – $350.00 for 5 visits, 1 Hour Sessions Each

Available Monday – Tuesday 8:00 - 1:00

Available Wednesday - Friday 12:00 to 7:00

All dogs must have kennel cough vaccines and booster shots up to date upon arrival. Flea and Tick treatment is highly recommended.

Dog Obedience Offers

  • Introduction – Sit, Come, Leave it
  • Basic Pet House Manners
  • Loose Leash Dog Walking
  • Learn heel and wait
  • Aggressive – Separation Anxiety Dog Behaviour Training