Cedar Hill Dog Academy in Kamloops British Columbia Canada offers Service Dog Training.

What Is a Legally Certified Service Dog?

Service Dog: A dog trained to provide a service to its owner, who has then passed a government issued public access test. Many get this confused with Emotional Support Dog and Therapy dog.

Therapy Dog: A dog and handler team that provide a service for other people. These dogs are for hospitals, care homes, etc. They are usually through the St. John Therapy program, and we have and can assist clients train their dogs for this purpose.

Emotional Support Dog: A pet that provides emotional support to its owner. These dogs do not have public access rights. They are simply pets that provide emotional support for their owners.

Are Service Dogs Free?

Most service dog providers and facilities list their dogs as "free" or at no cost to the client. However most don’t know that no dog is free. Donations are raised by either the agency/facility itself, the client or both. Sponsors also help in paying these costs. There is no such thing as a free service dog, someone is paying for the training, raising, purchase of the dog and all other costs involved. Most other agencies require the funding for these dogs to be raised in full prior to starting, which in turn causes LONG wait lists that can be anywhere from 2-6 years. Fund raising is very time consuming and often takes a few years to raise the required amount.

On Average here is an estimate of the costs:

How does Cedar Hill Dog Academy differ from other Service Dog Providers ? Most other facilities/agencies keep the dogs with them or volunteers until the training is complete, only then bringing in the client and working with the client on how to properly handle their now fully trained dog. This takes quite a bit of funding as this method is very costly. Boarding, training, supplies, food, gas, clerical help, etc…. Are just some of the expenses. We have decided instead to involve the client ! Helping them train their own dog together with us as a team effort. This eliminates boarding costs, and other expenses. We have been very successful using this method as we find the client learns more, the dog learns more, a bond between the owner and dog becomes very strong, and a stronger understanding is developed. Clients go home knowing how to help themselves and their dogs succeed. This lowers the cost of training as the owner themselves are working with a trainer and doing part of it themselves ! Using this method we have been able to cut the costs of providing a service dog by about half !

Why do we do it?

That is a very simple question to answer. When a mother can now sleep threw the night for the first time in years knowing her child is safe, when a child runs up to us and cries happy tears because they can now simply go to school, when an adult can now go out in public with the confidence to take on the world again. Dogs change the entire lives of some families, and we are honoured to be able to be a part of that. That to us in priceless!

How can we help?

Anyone can sponsor, or contribute. Any amount is appreciated. It all adds up over time. Do you board/training/daycare/groom your dogs with us currently? If so you can simply ask to round up your bill to the nearest dollar, or ask to add a contribution of a specific amount. You do not need to be a large company or business to help. Bottle drives, etransfers, contributing new items or services for us to auction off, lemonade stands. The options are limitless! All contributions are placed directly into our Service Dog Program and go directly to helping our families.

For more information, or to contribute: Etransfers : Please call us prior to sending an etransfer to ensure it is received Contact: Linda Cline (owner): 1-250-371-1218 Nicky Michaud: 1-250-214-2777 Follow our service dogs on Facebook!



Chica was born on May 25 2016 at Someday Retrievers. She was hand picked to be my diabetic detection dog because she was the pup that had a very active nose. Chica started training with Nicky at 5 months, she did great. she started with obedience then moved on to detection of low blood sugar. Chica's training was done in short periods of time where she came home between training sessions so we could practice what she learned and develop a bond with me. Having a service dog is very different than I thought it would be, they are with you 24 hours a day 7days a week. It is a huge commitment and a drastic lifestyle change, Nicky helped us adjust well to this change. Chica has detected my low blood sugar twice and once on my brother so far. Everytime she detected she was in the house and did not have her vest on. We have become great friends and I cherish her for the role she plays in my life. Chica still has her puppy moments and loves to fetch, run, and get into things but when she puts her vest on she is working and she knows it. She tested and passed her government issued public access successful on Oct 11 2017

- Valerie Donnelly

Mazrim went in for some tune-up service dog training in only 21 days he came back a whole new pup for the better. Hands down best kennel and trainer ever!!!!

- Kassi Scarlett